1:1 Coaching

As my 1:1 client you'll receive:


-Weekly 1:1 Private Coaching, 2 levels offered. Once a week, we’ll talk via Zoom, video or phone call. Totally private and confidential. It’s safe—no judgement, no matter what. We’ll determine your overall desire or personal, health, spiritual or business goal. Then each session, we’ll work on achieving your desired outcome through weekly action steps and accountability. It works. I promise.

-A vault of Life Coaching video lessons that you can access on demand, topics include Getting Unstuck, Making Decisions, Dealing with Difficult People, Taking Back Your Power, Dealing with Anxiety and Overwhelm, Overcoming Negativity in Yourself and Others, How to Find Your Purpose, and so much more. Seriously it’ll be JAM PACKED with info!


-Shared Coaching Sessions—on a volunteer basis. We’ll learn from each other through pre-recorded (and sometimes live) coaching sessions. (These are pre-recorded with the intent of being shared with the other group members. Private 1:1 sessions are NEVER recorded.)

-First opportunity to register for in-person retreats.


-Free attendance to any of my in-person or online workshops.

-3-month commitment upon registration, able to renew and continue as many times as you desire

-Level 1 includes four 1-hour-long Full Sessions each month.

-Level 2 includes four 30-minute Mini Sessions each month.

Group Coaching Program

Each month, you'll have the opportunity to join a small group coaching experience where we'll learn together, explore new concepts together, and get some coaching together.

Mondays, 6PM Eastern, via Zoom: Getting Unstuck--this is my most popular coaching topic. Truly, everyone can benefit from this! We'll take a look at what's holding you back and get you moving forward.

Tuesdays, 6PM Eastern, via Zoom: Creating a Healthy Self-Concept. Know who you are, be who you want to be, and protect that.

More to come.