Hi, I'm Jen.

General Life Coaching

I help women and men who 

If there's something that you desire out of life and you are not experiencing it, something is holding you back. Together, through weekly sessions, we'll dive deep and find solutions to get you moving foward.

Don't settle for less.

I offer

If we're not yet working together, or if you have questions, schedule a free Coaching Consult today.

Christian Life Coaching

As a Christian, when you change your thoughts... your mindset... to be in alignment with Christ, it transforms your life!

That's what I do--I help you transform your life by bringing your thoughts and actions into alignment with God's Word, His will for you, and the way He sees you through His eyes.

Trhough Biblically-based Life Coaching, I will help you be the person you were created to be and live the life that God intended for you.

Because He has a beautiful life just waiting for you.

A life of

If these thoughts have crossed your mind...

If you've had these thoughts, then I am the Coach for you!

Reach out and let's talk, pray, and find your way into the life God intends for just for you.